Missoula's best happy hour!


Missoulas Best Happy Hour

What makes a great Missoula Happy Hour?  Mostly great Missoulians - but ALSO great deals on great food & drink!  There are many good Happy Hours in Missoula - but we think ours is the best - AND IT'S EVERY WEEKDAY!

The Pangea Happy Hour 4:00p-5:30p:

  • 50% off all well drinks (and our well liquor is very likely the best in Missoula).... that's your G&T's, Rum & Cokes, Whiskey 7's - etc. (Did we mention we also offer ORGANIC tractor sodas as  an option for soda infused cocktails!).  This equates to quite a few $2 cocktails.

  • 50% off all draft beers!  Everything from Big Sky to Bayern to Draught Works & more - $2.50 draft anyone?

  • 50% off glasses of our house red and house white - at $5/glass - try them both!

  • 50% off ALL "Shareables" from charcuterie boards to flatbreads to our famous tuna tartare tacos - get 100% of the goods for half the price.

ladies night - every wednesday

You know who's awesome? - THE LADIES! 

So we've brought back the tradition of saying thanks to the Ladies.  Every Wednesday night starting at 5:30pm the ladies in the house receive 50% our entire signature cocktail menu!  Dudes, you can buy the ladies their 50% off drinks - you just can't drink them!