We first want to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and patronage! Opening a new downtown business during these times has been a rewarding challenge. As we navigate through the new regulations starting this week, we're proud to announce they will have very little effect on Pangea since we have already been compliant to these mandates. 

Controlling the spread of Covid-19 has always been important to us, for our staff, guests & community, and we take it very seriously.  In accordance with all state and county mandates we will do everything in our power to stop the spread while also keeping our staff working and giving our community a safe place to enjoy great cocktails & fare as well as safe social interaction and a small sense of normalcy in these turbulent times.

As of Nov. 19th, 2020 - new mandates have taken affect leading or adding to the following:

  • Pangea has been operating at a socially distanced 50% capacity since our opening in May. 

  • We boast a large open space that is disinfected nightly by a local professional LEED certified cleaning crew. 

  • We've continually mandated masks and disinfecting protocols for our staff.

  • We can easily update to the new mandates of 6 guests per table and we are now forced to close at 10p. 

  • Our award winning special event dinners will continue in Pangea, utilizing limited availability, socially distanced seating, and unique one of a kind food and beverage menus developed by our Sommelier and Chefs.

  • Group events such as holiday parties can continue in our special event room, The Barrel Room. There is a maximum capacity of 25 people, conveniently located as a completely separate event space in the basement below Pangea.  Info and reservations can be found on our websites. 

  •  We continue to offer online ordering of food and beverage via our own website and delivery through GrubHub.    


Given our current climate and the enormous impact it has had on the entire service industry in our town, we have joined forces with our bar & restaurant friends across Missoula to figure out how to safely support our communities and our employees.  Because we are places of gathering we have been targeted on a global level, but the facts are: we CAN safely be places of small group dining and imbibing.  In Missoula county no cases have been found to be contracted from patron to customer or vice versa.  So while our industry has been, and continues to be an easy target for restrictions, it is not a founded successful strategy. Quite the contrary, when open for longer hours over the summer, cases were very controlled.  Additionally, we saw cases soar when the county restricted bars and restaurants to a 10p close, as that forced social individuals into much less safe spaces (i.e. house parties).  Therefore, not only is it LESS safe to the overall public to force bars & restaurants to close early, but it's stacking an economic disaster on top of a public health one.  We are creating a secondary crisis by putting thousands of Missoulians out of work and into serious financial hardship.  We will lose old and new bars & restaurants and in the process will NOT HAVE HELPED CONTROL THE SPEAD of Covid-19.  Please learn more at and please continue to support your local small business any way you can.

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